Designing Radical Futures

Making Radical Futures

A Humanities Lab at Smith College that explores collaborative ways of imagining futures without capitalism

Lemonade 50¢

Imagining economies without markets through speculative lemonade stands

Radical Infrastructures

An Instagram study on alternative social structures, or groups remaking the fabric of society to question the status quo

Radical Design

Courses and workshops exploring speculative design as a practice to imagine what civic life might look like if we prioritized different values

Futures of Public Safety

Working with activists and residents of St. Louis and Ferguson, MO to imagine futures where communities are kept safe without policing

Does design inherently produce static, blueprinted ways-of-being? Is it possible to design within systems that are relational, cooperative, and dynamic?

Designing for Self-Determination

Themes about what design practices enable and disable, from a virtual workshop at the Participatory Design Conference